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My name is Priscille and my mission is to empower parents so that they can support their children to the best of their ability.


About PriscilleK

(Disclaimer: Long story. So if you want to skip to the shorter version, go straight to the end of the page where you’ll have it in a jiff!)


How did I become a coach?

My story as a coach starts in 2008, even though I didn’t know it yet.

At that point I was lost, and I had been for quite a while… probably for a little more than a year.

Before getting lost, I was a special needs teacher. I loved what I did for a living. And even though I sensed there could be more (I’ll get back to this later…), I absolutely loved teaching and building a relationship with the children I taught.

My days were filled and I had created and then discarded waiting lists for new clients, because the wait would be too long before I would be able to take on those children.

A typical day would look like this: I had one private session with a child early in the morning before school hours. I would then go to the school I worked for and spend the day working with children to give them better learning strategies and tools. At the ring of the bell at 3pm, I would quickly get back home as my next session would start shortly thereafter. Each afternoon I worked with 3 to 4 children. My working day would finish at around 7pm.

It sounds crazy now when I think back about it. But back then I was pretty happy with this and enjoyed it tremendously!

In fact, I carried that same routine all through my pregnancy and up to the day before I gave birth to my beautiful son.

In my head, the scenario that was being played was: “Three months maternity leave and then we’ll get back rolling!”

And BAM! That’s when I got lost.

You see, I hadn’t counted on the fact that this new wonderful little being in my life would be turning things upside down.

So I made choices. The choices were easy to make because I wanted to be present for my baby. I cut out the private sessions at home and started back working at the school. But then the school contract came to an end.

And the turmoil kicked in.

What was I to do now?

Oh, I had plenty of ideas. May be too many for my own good!

It was actually a great opportunity to start anew. What if I could start learning again? Why don’t I take on new studies? But wait, we’ve just had a baby, we need money so I should rather be working. What if I went back to work for a bigger company with more security and stability? Should I be changing careers altogether? But did I really want to get back into the corporate world again with all the stress and the commuting in traffic? May be I should go back to work for a school? But the schools I aimed for would be far away too? What if I perfected a skill I have? Or learn a new one? So, we’re back to the studies then…

Get the picture? That spiral went on, and on, and on.

Until one day I went to see a coach. I didn’t even know he was a coach, I just knew I was seeing someone who might be able to give me a direction.

And give me a direction, he did.

From that point on, I found myself and I started to build the career I have today.

It didn’t happen overnight. It didn’t happen so easily as it sounds. But step by step I built it. And the more it grew, the more I knew that I was on the right path.


So what do I actually do?

Remember when I said earlier that I sensed there could be more to working with children?

The thing is, I’ve always had a different approach to working with children than most special needs teachers do. Why? Because I didn’t train as a teacher.

When I went abroad to study, I knew that I wanted to work with children having learning difficulties, but I also knew that I didn’t want to be a “real” teacher, not with a classroom and the traditional tools. So I chose to study psychology instead.

That gave me a different approach to working with children on their learning. And I’ve always sensed that there was more to it than the actual ‘academic’ retaining of information.

So, when I got the tools and strategies from my coach training, I realized that I was now equipped to empower parents so that they could give the right tools and strategies to their children . I now support families in finding the right dynamic that will help their children learn to the best of their ability.

I also empower teachers and educators to create the learning environment that will most serve them in their classroom.

The way I work best? Using a multidisciplinary approach. I believe that putting many minds together is far better than one bright one. Therefore, whenever possible I use the system (parents, teachers, specialists, etc.) to create the right environment that will allow the most beautiful things to emerge.


What’s next…

My vision is not only to empower the parents I work with, but to empower each and every parent worldwide so that they have effective tools and strategies to use with their kids.

To do that, I would like to create an online community that will be able to pass these on.

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Short story: I got lost not knowing what path to follow. I finally found a purposeful direction and a new career. I am now well on my way to help parents find their direction too. I plan to build a whole big community so that many more parents can be supported worldwide.