Respect - What it really means to respect

What it really means to respect

The other day my son had this writing assignment for school: “What is respect?” As soon as I saw that topic I automatically felt like a hissing cat on the defense. Why? Because this is a touchy topic for me as the way I see respect often diverts from the more traditional view of what it should be. Most people judge respect by the external signs they can see and appreciate, and when they fail to see these signs they…

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Please don't be a pleaser

Please, please, please… Don’t be a pleaser!

My mum is the best grandmother in the world! And I’m not just saying that because she might read this blog post (which she probably will). I’m saying it because it is very true. Not only to my son but to all her grandchildren. She is the kind of grandma who will be nurturing and caring. She will always have time for them. She will gracefully step out of her daily routine to be with them. She will keep them…

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