For a while now I’ve been wanting to add a blog to my website.

Of course, as soon as the idea emerged, I automatically came up with all these excuses: I don’t have enough time to write blog articles, what will I write about, I don’t write well enough, people might not be interested in what I have to say, … and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Even though these may be all true, I can still recognize them for what they truly are: excuses.

Excuses that are holding me back and keeping me safe.

Fortunately (or unfortunately may be, I’m not quite sure yet!), I am a big fan of Brené Brown’s work, and Brené says in Daring Greatly: “Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up.”

So, I decided to be brave. This is me showing up.

I’m not sure what will grow from it. I’m not sure if I’ll stay afloat or drown. Hell, I’m not even sure if I will even like it.

But I’m diving in!

This will be my place to share my ‘coup de coeur’ and ‘coup de gueule’. This will be my place to let my voice be heard and count for something. This will be my place to create a relationship with you and learn if what I write about resonates with you. This will be my place to be vulnerable.

I support people every day in accomplishing what they want and pursue their dreams.

So this is me pursuing mine!

And I sure hope to see you on my side on this new journey.