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I’m really happy you made it up to here! This is where the magic begins :)

Because if you made it here, it means that you are ready (or nearly ready) to find those internal resources that you have within yourself which will help you get to the results you want.


How will we make this happen?

There are many ways we can work together to make this happen. You can pre-purchase my online course, join my Group Coaching Program for Mums or work with me one-on-one.


Online course

This is under construction at the moment and will be available for pre-purchase soon.


Group Coaching Program for Mums

Join me and other super mums for 6 months of interactive online meetings twice a month to learn to know yourself better so that you can parent better.

We tackle various hot parenting topics like
– Power struggles
– Homework
– Encouraging kids to be independent
– Screens
– Sibling rivalry
– Tantrums
– Parenting values
– Back talk
– Connecting with our kids
– Dealing with overwhelm
– Balancing being a mum & being a partner/woman/having a career
– Finding support when we need it
– Education and learning
– Having reasonable expectations of our kids
– Morning / Bed routine

Investment: $279 (or 6 payments of $49 per month)



One-on-One coaching

Tailor made sessions to fit your needs and to go deeper on your challenges.

For parents, this means:
– Being empowered to be a support in their child’s education.
– Being supported when your child struggles.
– Finding tools that can help in specific situations.
– Moving through difficult life transitions (like divorce, relocation, death, …) with confidence
– Being able to support their children when they have to deal with personal life issues (like anxiety, concentration issues, bullying, aggression, …)

For teachers, this means:
– Being supported in their role of model and leaders for children.
– Finding new tools and resources to deal with classroom issues (like talkativeness, aggression, concentration, etc…)
– Understanding their strengths and how they can use those better.

For schools, this means:
– Improving communication skills and channels of their teams for a smooth and efficient coordination.
– Improving time management and efficiency skills to allow things to run in ‘non-emergency’ mode.
– Challenging existing mental models, especially those which are limiting or preventing progress.
– Building team cohesion.

Investment: Base rate of $300 for 3 sessions per month. Investment required in full payment for the length commitment of our work together.



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