Interactive live parent’s workshop:

Raising confident, independent kids who believe in themselves

This is a 4 module live workshop for parents of primary school children.

The objective of the workshop is to support parents in feeling empowered in the way they raise their children, giving them tools and strategies that will help their children thrive in life.

Each module is a 3 hour interactive workshop (in person or via an online platform) where participants will be able to learn and apply new parenting tools and strategies.


Module 1: Understand our (& our children’s) needs

In this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify and recognize their needs as well as their child’s
  • Understand how these influence their actions
  • Shape those actions to be healthier and more sustainable
  • Better understand how the relationship they have with their children flows or conflicts in relation to these.

Investment: Rs 2 997

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Module 2: Building our children up

Not yet available



Module 3: Our family values & communication

Not yet available



Module 4: Cultivating a growth mindset

Not yet available